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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®) was the first humane society to be established in North America and is, today, one of the largest in the world. Founded on the belief that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law, the ASPCA is a national animal welfare organization with more than 2 million supporters across the country. So they know their stuff.  What are the top 10 reasons to adopt a shelter dog?

#1. You’re Saving More Than One Life
#2. Unconditional Love! What Could Be Better
#3. Read the rest on the ASPCA website at 10 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog | ASPCA

And then go adopt a shelter dog! Better yet – go adopt a shelter dog transported to safety by Pilots To The Rescue! #adoptdontshop

Dill, a rescued labrador retriever

Photo: Dill, a Labrador Retriever mix. Check with A New Chance Animal Rescue for adoption information.


Shane and Michael to the Rescue!


9/14/16 – Superstar Pilot Shane Persaud and Founder/Pilot Michael Schneider rescued these 4 furry friends from Farmingdale, NY (KFRG) to Rutland, VT (KRUT). Things didn’t go as planned, weather caused a diversion to Glen Falls an hour away. Michael flew the leg there mostly in IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions). On the way back, Pilot Shane Persaud battled convective weather (thunderstorms and low visibility) shooting a GPS approach back into Republic Airport in Farmingdale. All in all, it was worth it!

Dogs originally came from Texas via: Society for Companion Animals
Ground Crew: Transporters Without Borders
Dogs can be adopted from Rutland County Humane Society

Thanks to sponsors Soft Touch Collars & Leashes and Things That Don’t Suck

PTTR Rescue #2

Made Possible by the ASPCA. Thank you to: Patrick Lofvenholm, Friends of Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter, Animals R Family and Creative Media Group, LLC. #PilotstotheRescue #PTTR #ASPCA

PTTR Awarded $10,000 ASPCA Grant


PTTR Awarded $10,000 ASPCA Grant

September 16, 2015
Media Contact: Michael Schneider
212.404.6936 / michael@pilotstotherescue.org

Pilots to the Rescue Awarded $10,000 ASPCA Grant
Funds will support life-saving animal relocation services

Scarsdale, New York — Pilots to the Rescue today announced the receipt of a $10,000 grant from the ASPCA ® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), which will fund life-saving animal relocation efforts.

“As many as 4 million animals are euthanized each year in the United States, which is simply unacceptable,” said Michael Schneider, Founder of Pilots to the Rescue. “With these funds from the ASPCA, Pilots to the Rescue will have the ability to enroll volunteer pilots from across the country to fly animals facing an uncertain future to shelters where they can be adopted into loving homes. In the process, Pilots to the Rescue will spread awareness about this huge problem and save countless lives.”

“Transporting animals from areas of high supply and low demand to areas with low supply and high demand is one of the most straight-forward ways of saving lives,” said Lou Guyton, senior director of community initiatives at the ASPCA. “We are proud to award Pilots to the Rescue with this grant so that they can continue this critical work,”

Pilots to the Rescue utilizes a network of volunteer pilots to relocate at-risk animals to shelters where they have a greater chance of getting adopted. A trained ground crew meets the pilots at each location, assisting with the transport to the receiving shelter, foster, or adoptive home. In this way, animals who might have been overlooked are now more easily adopted into a loving home.

For more information, please visit www.PilotstotheRescue.org

About Pilots to the Rescue

Pilots to the Rescue’s mission is to save potential pets facing imminent death utilizing an advanced rescue flight system. Enrolling a network of trained pilots, shelters, ground teams and veterinarians, PTTR gives little souls filled with unconditional love a second chance in a furever home.


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