There’s always more to the story! Dogs Days Rescue Part II

So what happened AFTER those six adorable dogs arrived a their destination in NY?
  • Daisy, the Golden Retriever, was pre-adopted and reports from Maverick indicate she is doing great!
  • Amber, the 8 month old Spaniel mix, is adopted and loving life in her new home.
  • Ethel, the 6 year old Black Lab is still in her foster home. She’s a bit older and had some minor health issues but she’s doing great. If you’d like to know more about Ethel, check out her page on the A New Chance website. .
  • Brady, the white Pomeranian mix is adopted and enjoying life with her new family.
  • Dani, well, you guessed it – adopted and doing well!
  • Last but not least…if you haven’t guessed from the photo, Gracie, the little, black Spaniel mix has been adopted and has the unconditional love of her new mom and dad.

PTTR flys to save Sweet Momma and puppies, Reeses and Andy

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Clockwise from top left: Sweet Momma, Momma’s puppies, Reeses, and Andy

On April 10th, Pilots to the Rescue teamed up with the Ulster County SPCA for a lifesaving flight. Top Dog pilot Michael Schneider flew 12 dogs, including a mother and her nine nursing puppies, to New York to save them from euthanasia. Horry County Animal Care and Control in South Carolina and the Highlands County Animal Shelter in Florida reached out for help with these animals in need. Ulster County SPCA stepped up to take them, and Palmetto Animal League in South Carolina kept the dogs safe until transport.

PTTR Top Dog Pilot Michael Schneider (left) and Ulster County SPCA’s Gina Carbonari with two of Sweet Momma’s puppies.

Sweet Momma and her 9 puppies, Max a lovable lab, and Reeses who is as sweet as his namesake, traveled to the Ulster County SPCA last week. Max (now Andy) has already been adopted! Reeses is available for adoption now., and Sweet Momma and her puppies will all be available for adoption as soon as they are old enough. We were thrilled to help save these deserving dogs and so grateful to all the groups involved for their life-saving work. Read the media reports about our new partnership with Ulster County Humane and this inaugural flight:

Want to help Pilots To The Rescue continue flying lifesaving flights to help more deserving dogs like Sweet Momma and her puppies, Reeses, and Andy? Find out more about how you can help today!


PetSmart Charities: Rescues, Prepare for Takeoff

Rescues, Prepare for Takeoff
Adoptable adorables get airborne with Pilots to the Rescue
by Suzan Colón

Shane and Michael to the Rescue!


9/14/16 – Superstar Pilot Shane Persaud and Founder/Pilot Michael Schneider rescued these 4 furry friends from Farmingdale, NY (KFRG) to Rutland, VT (KRUT). Things didn’t go as planned, weather caused a diversion to Glen Falls an hour away. Michael flew the leg there mostly in IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions). On the way back, Pilot Shane Persaud battled convective weather (thunderstorms and low visibility) shooting a GPS approach back into Republic Airport in Farmingdale. All in all, it was worth it!

Dogs originally came from Texas via: Society for Companion Animals
Ground Crew: Transporters Without Borders
Dogs can be adopted from Rutland County Humane Society

Thanks to sponsors Soft Touch Collars & Leashes and Things That Don’t Suck

PTTR Rescue #2

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