Epic Puppy Rescue from Knoxville

On October 1st, we returned to Knoxville, TN where PTTR Top Dog Pilot Michael Schneider, accompanied by PTTR Executive Assistant Extraordinaire Brielle Petrella, who also volunteers for Amazing Mutts Puppy Rescue picked up 16 puppies and one adult dog in danger of being euthanized at various shelters in the area.

Our partners at Fi Dog Collars sent along a cameraman to grab some footage and Instagram stars Tinkerbelle and Belle (pictured above) were on hand to greet us at the airport.

October the red lab puppy, Arya a 6-month-old who was recovering from a nasty bout of mange, Toby a 7-month-old whose owner no longer wanted him, 2 heeler puppies – Saturn and Jupiter, 6 yellow lab puppies named after famous chefs – Gordon, Julia, Paula, Bobby, Emeril, and Guy – and 4 heeler puppies named after planets – Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Mars – have all now been adopted into happy, loving homes!

One very pregnant adult dog named Sahara joined us as well. She’s tucked away comfortably in a foster home where she can deliver and raise her puppies, before finding a forever home of her own.

Enjoy the heartwarming photos in the video below as the puppies were adopted!

Great new video about PTTR from Fi Dogs

We just know our supporters will love this video from our partners at Fi.Dogs, who joined us on a recent rescue mission to save 16 puppies and provide every pup a new Fi collar! Don’t miss this great story of what we do and why.
Fi Smart Dog Instagram Video about PTTR

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500 Miles with Cheryl Martinez – 19++++ Pets Saved!

Pregnant black & white cat


500 Miles with Cheryl Martinez – 19++++ Pets Saved!


In early February, Pilots to the Rescue Top Dog Michael Schneider and co-pilot Cheryl Martinez® an American Entertainer & Health Coach from NYC, made the now-familiar run from Pittsylvania Pet Center, an overly full municipal shelter in Chatham, Virginia to Animal Rescue League of Greater Portland. They made the 500-mile flight in a little over three hours saving a whopping 5 dogs and 14 cats.


Adoptable dog


Our friends at Animal Rescue League of Greater Portland report that of the 14 cats on the flight, Akira, Yukio, Espeon, Jean Simmon, Carmel, Doris Day, Merlin, Don Henley, Garfield, Blaziken, and Ollie are all already adopted! Amoonguss and Arbok are still to young but are thriving in foster care. Snoopy surprised everyone with a totally unexpected pregnancy, and she is also in a foster home where she can deliver her precious kittens in a safe, warm, loving environment. Of the 5 dogs who made the trip, Woody and Tinker Bell are adopted, Shadow and Holly are spoken for, but Bubbles (right) is still available.


Bubbles is a handsome two year old Rottweiler mix who is super smart and enjoys being busy. His favorite activities are long walks in the woods and on the beach, feeder puzzles and playing fetch. If you love big, happy dogs, find our more about Bubbles on the ARL website.


Cats Fly, Too – Part II with Nicole Patrick

Cute tabby kittenCats Fly, Too – Part II with Nicole Patrick


Just a week after Pilots to the Rescue and former American Idol contestant and Tony nominee Constantine Maroulis saved a dozen dogs from an uncertain future, PTTR Top Dog Michael Schneider and singer, songwriter, actress, and animal activist Nicole Patrick jumped into action to save ten fabulous felines, flying them 205 miles from Carolina Cat Rescue in Raleigh, North Carolina to the waiting arms of Happy Tails in New Hampshire.


It was a cold and overcast day for the 1 hour and 10 minute flight, but no one complained – not too much anyway. They are cats, after all, and not afraid to make their opinions known to one and all!

Take A Peek Behind The Scenes

Ever wanted to know more about our rescues and how they happen? Thanks to Rick, at Maverick Pet Transport and Rescue now you can!

Check out the snippet below from a video he made of our August 22nd transport, from a driver’s perspective. Then see the entire video on their Facebook page.



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